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Sweet Destiny

Feature Film

Starring: Abe Vigoda, Carmen

Frankie Avalon + Livingston Taylor 

Set in Boston's Italian section, "Sweet Destiny", tells of love at any age.  When 17 year old Joey meets Cathy, Joey not only gets caught in a wild love affair but a cultural tug-of-war.  Abe Vigoda plays Joey's grandfather, in his first romantic role opposite mature Ford model Carmen.  Joey's single mom struggles with her own love relationships.

Cast: Abe Vigoda, Carmen, Conor Dubin, Susanne Calabrese, Francine Pellegrino, Frank Santorelli, John Fiore

Original song "Sweet Destiny" sung by Livingston Taylor written by Tim Janis 

Original song, "If I Could Live in a Dream", sung by Frankie Avalon written by Marc Carriero Gonzalez.